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© Copyright 2010 RS McWherter. All rights reserved.

Deciduous Naked Gallery Page 1
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Deciduous Naked is a portfolio series that has been in my mind’s eye for a very long time. However, it has only been recently that the merging of time and technology has allowed this idea to become a reality.


It began with childhood stories that would reinforce the position that trees are living beings and were the guardians of the ancient secrets of wisdom and knowledge. Stories as old as the trees in Eden to the tales of treefolk in popular culture found in Oz or Middle Earth.


Inspired by the mythical trees of many of the world's folklores, combined with the idea that each tree is unique with its own personality and life cycle, it seemed like a very obvious extension to want to photograph them. Even today, when I see a tree that is removed either by design or nature, on a very deep level I feel that I’ve lost a friend.


Landscape and portraiture are traditionally two very different genres, so as a distinction this is a personal effort to do a formal portrait of a landscape, or in this case, specifically trees. Taking a cue from classic black and white portraiture, these images are carefully crafted with lighting and composition to reveal the character of the subject. And similar to the human nude, the subjects here are seen at their most revealing time, in various stages of fallen vestments.


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Deciduous Naked Gallery Page 1
Deciduous Naked Gallery Page 1
Deciduous Naked Gallery Page 2
Deciduous Naked Gallery Page 3
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