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© Copyright 2010 RS McWherter. All rights reserved.

Gallery Prints

GALLERY PRINT INFORMATION and other important details.

These prints are not massed produced and are exclusively hand-made by the artist himself in the tradition of a master craftsman, with the production naturally limited in quantity by the process involved. This makes each work rarer than a limited edition print and therefore potentially more valuable.


All of the 12 x 18 prints are matted with black museum grade matboard as specified by the artist to distinguish the work and to incorporate the display process as an integral part of his personal vision for the finished composition. The prints are then coated with a UV and water-resistant protection. The matted prints are then framed in a solid wood frame with a fine quality cherry finish, without glass, and are offered as a completed work ready for an unobstructed display of the artwork’s surface.


This represents the artist’s intent as to how the work is meant to be seen and is based on the actual physical dilation of the human iris caused by the black mat surrounding the image without the interference of glass or reflections. This allows for a documented phenomenon that is known to increase the perceptual dynamic range and colour saturation when the art is viewed.


The protective coating is non-yellowing and is archival in quality, which allows for direct viewing of the work, similar to the way paintings are traditionally viewed without glass. And finally, by design, the frame colour serves as the artist’s best choice to accent the work.


“Of course, I understand that not everyone may find this frame combination to their particular decorating tastes. If you would like to inquire about additional options, including unframed Gallery Print prices, frame choices and colours, non-glare glass, UV filtering acrylic, etc, please ask for a quote.”  -RS McWherter




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