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© Copyright 2010 RS McWherter. All rights reserved.


National / International


AMERICAN SOCIETY of MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHERS   -(ASMP) is the premier resource for community, culture, commerce and publications relating to publication photography. ASMP is the authoritative voice of publication photographers worldwide.


Local / Regional


SILVER EYE CENTER for PHOTOGRAPHY -is dedicated to fostering the practice, appreciation, and understanding of photography as an art form and as a powerful form of visual communication. Programming includes exhibitions of work by locally, nationally, and internationally recognized photographers. Exhibitions are enriched with lectures, panel discussions, workshops, portfolio reviews, interactive gallery tours, and more.


TRIANGLE PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION -is a professional association for photographers and an affiliate of Professional Photographers of America and Professional Photographers of Pennsylvania. As the name implies, Triangle draws most of it's members from  the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.


PITTSBURGH CENTER for the ARTS -is a non-profit community arts campus that offers arts education programs and contemporary art exhibitions.


PITTSBURGH FILMMAKERS -Founded in 1971 to provide media-making tools to artists, Pittsburgh Filmmakers serves everyone from emerging artists to established artists to fellow non-profit organizations and students. Our Three Rivers Film Festival is the region's largest annual film event.


TOUCHSTONE CENTER for CRAFTS  -is a three-season crafts school in the beautiful Laurel Highlands 60 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that has expanded to include contemporary and experimental techniques in addition to traditional and historic methods in disciplines such as blacksmithing, ceramics, metals, textiles, glass, oil and watercolor painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture.


WESTMORELAND CULTURAL TRUST is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of living in the Westmoreland County region by valuing and preserving our cultural

and historical assets, and by supporting and nurturing other cultural groups and educational initiatives.